Valentine’s Day and Koh Samui Villas

With just under a month left to go until Valentine’s Day, it is time to start planning for this very special occasion. Thailand is one of the world’s most romantic destinations, with its sandy beaches and warm, tropical weather, and couples flock there year after year for some private time spent alone enjoying the sunshine, friendly smiles and mouth-watering food.

The island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand fits in with this loving atmosphere for reasons far beyond its vast stretches of palm-fringed beaches, azure-blue waters and friendly locals. It is also very easy to get to with international plane flights running directly there from a number of global destinations. Once on the island, there are a number of luxury accommodation options available for the loving couple who desire the very best out of life.

Rather than staying in a hotel or resort though, those who wish to be truly pampered during their time on the island should consider Koh Samui villas and the advantages that they can bring. Not only do these exclusive houses offer complete privacy away from the tourist masses but the best also come with their own staff so that cooking, cleaning and other matters will be taken care of for you. This creates a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere in which two lovers can then enjoy each other’s company without a care in the world.

A typical day in one of these villas on Koh Samui may go a little like this. The couple will wake up after a deep night’s sleep in their down-filled king-sized bed. They will then be served a delicious continental breakfast which has been served up by the professional onsite chef. After the meal, there will be a wide range of choices on offer. From taking a stroll across the white sands of the adjacent beach to getting a Thai massage from the in-villa masseuse, the couple will certainly be spoilt for choice. Later in the day, lunch and dinner can be had at any of the nearby local restaurants where both Thai and international cuisine is on offer at some very affordable prices.

Romance, privacy and the height of luxury all await you on the island of Koh Samui. If you are interested in renting out some of the simply gorgeous Thai property that is currently available there, give one of our directors a call today. We will be happy to help organize the perfect holiday away for you and your loved one, and will do our best to give you both an unforgettable time on what we like to think of as the closest thing to paradise on Earth.

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