Flooding in Thailand

Almost all Thai bloggers have written about the country’s recent flooding. Let me say a couple of words, too.

Photos seem to be the most powerful means of expressing the true scale of this disaster. Completely flooded houses – both multi-storey mansions and slums – the Toyota, Honda and Mazda plants with crowded parking lots of unsold cars, shops full of goods, and poultry factories; all of these irretrievably lost. Further damage has been forecast since the water levels are still rising and the floods are expected to put Bangkok underwater by tonight.

Nationwide losses are estimated to amount to billions. For an ordinary Thai, this disaster means losing a home that has probably taken the effort of more than one generation to finance, a car you’d waited so long to purchase and haven’t even paid off yet, or your beloved bike that is worth a small fortune for most locals. In the end, it only took a small amount of time for thousands of families to lose all that they had.

When something like this happens so close to you, it makes you clearly see how senseless the rush for wealth is. You dream of a private house, a cool car, toys like iPad and iPhone, and similar types of rubbish. Throughout this, you don’t even think that you might lose it all at any minute. This is the same the world over and is definitely not restricted to the people of Thailand.

Really thinking about this, we trade our lives for toys. We sell the priceless time which our children crave to spend with us. We trade our health and, unfortunately, human dignity and integrity.

Even the seemingly noble goal of earning money to pay for our children’s education is vulgarized by a deeply hidden motive – to simply invest in toys when our children grow up. We aim for them to buy a house, a car, and the right education for their own children.

In times like this, I envy the monks. They really have nothing to lose.

The pictures above have been taken from from here.

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